Commercial Cleaning & Restoration Services in Canton, OH

Tragedies like floods and plumbing leaks can lead to serious problems for your carpet and flooring. In the event of a water-related disaster, you’ll want to rely on a team of experts that can identify and mitigate the resulting damage efficiently and affordably. We work closely with your insurance company. At Carpet Restorations Plus, we offer carpet restoration services in Canton, OH to take care of your home or business’ most urgent carpet problems.

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Flood and Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can happen quickly and unexpectedly. Many home and business owners fail to understand the extent to which water damage can affect their property. To prevent discoloration, warping, splitting, delaminating, mold & mildew growth and more, take fast action and call in the professionals.

Whether you’ve been hit with a flood, broken pipe, leaking roof or other water-related disaster, Carpet Restorations Plus will be there immediately to remove water and restore your carpets. Our highly qualified team of carpet restoration pros have years of formal training and experience, allowing us to quickly restore your floors while protecting your property’s structural integrity.

With our 24-hour emergency response and affordable pricing, you can rest assured your property is in good hands.

Carpet Mold Removal

Prolonged exposure to moisture and humidity often results in the growth of mold and mildew—particularly under your carpets. Not only does mold pose a threat to your property, but it comes with a range of health risks, as well. If you suspect the presence of mold, don’t delay in calling for carpet mold removal in Canton, OH.

Carpet Restorations Plus carries antimicrobials, a top-of-the-line disinfectant capable of eliminating mold and its odors from your home or business. Our certified professionals are trained in effectively identifying and evaluating mold growth in carpets and, when possible, removing the contamination to return your property to its former state.

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We’ll Protect Your Carpets and Your Property

Have you experienced water damage recently? Call us today at 330-458-2409 to speak with a representative about our carpet mold removal services in Canton, OH.

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