Drapery & Mattress Cleaning Services in Canton, OH

Maintaining a clean home or business goes far beyond regularly cleaning the carpets and furniture. Other fabric items on your property, such as draperies and bedding, should also be cleaned with care to ensure no dust or bacteria lingers for too long. When you require professional drapery and mattress cleaning in Canton, OH, look no further than Carpet Restorations Plus. Backed by 30 years of industry experience, we’ll be sure to make your property look and smell fresh and clean!

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Drapery Cleaning

When drapes aren’t cleaned regularly, they can act like filters, collecting the dirt, dust and bacteria that pass through the air. In order to prevent these contaminants from circulating through your home or business, your window drapes should be taken down and cleaned routinely.

Carpet Restorations Plus offers high-quality drapery cleaning in Canton, OH, during which we will take down, clean, press and pleat your drapes to perfection. We’ll even install pins, clean the drapery rod and re-hang them to your exact specifications!

As the foremost expert on fabrics and carpet in northeast Ohio, we understand what cleaning solutions are right for certain fabrics, so you don’t need to worry about accidental damage or discoloration! Trust us to return your drapes in better condition than we found them.

Mattress Cleaning

Although your bed is protected by sheets and blankets, the mattress underneath still collects dust, dirt, dander and other contaminants over time. Routine mattress cleaning is essential for good respiratory and skin health.

If your mattress hasn’t been cleaned in a while, rely on Carpet Restorations Plus’s skilled cleaning technicians for mattress cleaning in Canton, OH. We offer thorough cleaning and sanitization of all mattress types to ensure you sleep as healthily and comfortably as possible.

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