Get Your Furniture Professionally Cleaned for the Holidays!

You’ve decorated the house, made up the guest bedrooms and bought all the groceries needed to make a delicious family meal—your home seems to be all ready for the holidays! But unless your furniture has been professionally cleaned, that’s not quite the case. Keep reading to learn why cleaning your furniture should be such an integral part of your Christmas preparations in Canton, OH:

  • Better appearance: The main reason our clients have us clean their furniture is to breathe some new life into their upholstery. On top of making the upholstery look fresh and new, our professionals can get rid of stains, ground-in dirt and other problem areas that make your furniture look dingy.
  • Eliminate odors: Along with those nasty stains typically come some bad smells. You can Febreze your couch as much as you want, but those odors aren’t going away without some professional help! After thorough cleaning from our team, your furniture will look and smell brand new.
  • No embarrassment: Stained and smelly furniture can make any homeowner feel self-conscious about the cleanliness of their home. This is especially true during the holidays when judgmental family members are in town. The only way to set your mind at ease and ensure you’re not embarrassed by your old couch is with professional furniture cleaning in Canton, OH.
  • Fewer allergens: Dust, pet dander and other allergens build up in your upholstery fibers over time. Even though the particles are nearly microscopic, they wreak havoc on some people’s allergies. Allergens can lead to watery eyes, runny noses and maybe even some breathing issues. You can try vacuuming your furniture, but that won’t do enough to remove all of the allergens from your upholstery. The only way to get them out for good is to call a furniture cleaning team.
  • Longer lifespan: Nobody wants to go through the hassle of buying new furniture. It’s a time-consuming process, and it can get quite expensive! The best way to preserve the integrity of your furniture is to have it professionally cleaned. Our cleaning process stimulates the fibers in your furniture, keeping the pieces looking newer for longer.
  • Hassle-free: You’ve got a lot on your plate if you’re hosting friends and family for the holidays. Instead of running around and cleaning your furniture, let us handle it! You can focus on meal preparation, decorating and other last-minute details while we restore your furniture to like-new condition.

How often should your furniture be cleaned?

We recommend scheduling furniture cleaning in Canton, OH at least once a year for best results, but that can vary depending on the number of kids or pets you have running around your home. To tell whether it’s time for cleaning, take a clean white towel and rub it on the arms and back of your sofa and chairs. If the towel comes back gray, brown or even black, it’s time to schedule professional cleaning services!

Don’t wait one more second to have your furniture cleaned as part of your Christmas preparations in Canton, OH. The sooner you call Carpet Restorations Plus to clean your furniture, the better prepared you’ll be for your guests to arrive.

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